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Carousel and Rocking Horse FAQs

Are these solid?

Yes, we carve solid blocks of mahogany which are mortised together, i.e. a 3ft horse is carved from seven solid blocks (head, body, 4 legs and tail).

Where do you get the mahogany?

We fly to Southeast Asia every other year and travel into the jungles by elephant. We choose a mature tree to cut and have workers cut it into logs which are carried by the elephant. We then have the logs cut into blocks which are loaded to a container and shipped to the USA. Saplings are transplanted in the place of the mature tree so that the rainforest is not destroyed.

Will my sculpture ever crack?

We make sure the wood has been cured properly to a 14% moisture level. Any hairline cracks are filled prior to finishing. With age the wood may check giving the sculpture an antique look. We guarantee our work.

Is it completely hand made?

Yes, we first start by drawing the design on paper and then making a pattern. We place the pattern on the wood block to guide us in carving the basic shape. We start with a hand tool called an adz. The rest is carved with fine chisels and gouges. Each piece is then hand sanded for smoothness and prepared for painting. We hand paint in oils to show the beauty of the wood grain. Most sculptures are gold leaf gilded and have hand painted glass eyes. Then it is sealed and hand waxed and buffed.

How much weight will they hold?

The standing 3ft animals mounted on a mahogany base or rocker will hold up to 200 lbs. The standing 4ft animals mounted on a mahogany base or rocker will hold up to 300 lbs.

Can I commission you to do something different?

Yes, Melissa and Laurence both welcome new ideas and designs but you must be willing to wait several months for completion.

Where do most people put these sculptures?

They are enjoyed in any room of the house, but usually in the living areas where they can be admired most.

How do I care for my wood sculpture?

Dusting with a soft cloth as you do with any fine furniture is all that is needed. Over the years if you notice any dry spots you may reapply some dark paste wax and buff it out to shine.

How much is my Mom's antique carousel horse worth?

If you want an expert opinion click here and ask away.


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